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Help Senior Management to infuse a culture of wellness with employees
Perform a work site assessment to establish a work environment that supports wellness
The net objectives of the Wellness Operating System are to:
Lower healthcare costs by as much as $3,500/EE/YR
Increase productivity, reduce fatigue
Reduce absenteeism and sick leave
Increase loyalty connection and value of being a member of your corporation with a new Corporate Mission Statement that includes Wellness
Build a sense of control for personal health and wellbeing for each employee
TRANSFORMATIONS Educates, Energizes And Empowers Your Employees to Enhance Their Lifestyles

Assess Employees for Their WICO™ Score

Just as employees have a FICO score for their credit, our proprietary and unique WICO™ Score will determine their state of wellness. This is accomplished by evaluating 15 wellness markers based on symptoms and specialized testing. Once a baseline is established, it becomes a basis for employees to make needed changes if they are in an unhealthy zone, and a way for employers to reward & motivate employees for improvements as unhealthy WICO™ Scores are improved. Where employee and employer share in the payment of monthly health insurance premiums, for improved WICO™ Scores this can be used as a direct incentive for the employer to pay more share of the monthly premiums.

Use Wellness Grants for Wellness Testing to Establish a WICO™ Score