Diabetes Prevention

3 Key Issues Need to be Addressed

1. Learning Correct Food Habits
2. Correcting Functional Health Imbalances
3. Losing Excess Abdominal Fat

1. Learning Correct Food Habits

This is the foundational step for diabetes prevention. Most people have no idea what is a healthy carbohydrate or even a protein. For many a healthy breakfast is to eat cereal, milk and a banana which is like eating an ice cream in the morning in how much sugar is consumed.

Furthermore, with our fast paced society, people just have little time to cook and will eat processed or fast food which in most instances is void of any key nutrients. This over time will lead to nutritional deficiencies which is another factor why people develop insulin resistance and thereafter type II diabetes.

By maintaining the 5 Golden Rules of correct food habits, people will immediately notice improvements in how they feel and see the normalization of their key health markers. The 5 Golden Rules include:

1. Eating Whole Foods
2. Eating a breakfast, lunch and dinner
3. Eating a protein and healthy carbohydrate at each meal
4. Having a healthy snack between meals, so as to never be too hungry at meal time
5. Being well hydrated throughout the day

However with a fast paced society people do NOT have the time to consume 3 healthy meals. Furthermore, most people have no idea what would be a healthy snack. It is for this reason, The DiaSnacks Kit was created so people can have access to healthy and portable meal replacements, snacks, beverages and desserts and therefore be able to maintain the 5 Golden Rules, even if they have no time to sit down and eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Correcting Functional Health Imbalances

Included in the DiaSnacks kit is a free WICO® SCORE test and consultation with a specially trained healthcare practitioner who can pinpoint the likelihood of any functional imbalances, and how they can be corrected.

3. Losing Excess Abdominal Fat

Similarly, if there is a need to lose abdominal fat, the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 Program can be used, where by eating the right amount of protein to carbohydrates, the body can be bio-chemically set to use its excess abdominal fat for fuel.