$59.00 per kit

DiaSnacks™ is the secret weapon to help support healthy insulin and blood sugar. You see the reason why Americans have so many health problems originates primarily from having unhealthy food habits. Over the past 20+ years there has been a tremendous influx in consumption of processed, high sugar content foods with low nutritional value. The consequence of this is that people gain weight, develop nutritional deficiencies, have digestion problems and over time become insulin resistant which leads to elevated blood sugar.

As a company that has trained thousands of healthcare practitioners on offering their patients a healthy eating program that will normalize key health bio-markers, we know what is the best eating model for people to adhere to on a daily basis. They are known as the 5 Golden Food Rules that include:

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Have a breakfast, lunch and dinner
  3. Have a protein and healthy carbohydrate at each meal
  4. Have a healthy Snack between meals so that you are never too hungry at meal time
  5. Stay hydrated throughout the day

Maintaining the 5 Golden Food Rules principle in today’s fast paced society is difficult, if not impossible for most Americans. That is why DiaSnacks™ becomes such an important alternative when people need an healthy beverage, dessert, snack or meal replacement that is easy to consume, low glycemic, with key nutrients, instead of a candy bar, soda, or fast food. Please Visit www.indiegogo.com/diasnacks to view a complete video and become a part of the FUN (Friends Understanding Nutrition) Movement