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Are you interested in experiencing Weight Loss for Life?

Here is why 92% of Americans put back the weight they
lose when they get off their weight loss program:

1. They have lost muscle mass as they lost weight, instead of just fat. The end result of people losing muscle mass is to reduce their body’s calorie burning engine, which means, once they are off their weight loss program, they will have to eat less food than when they first started their program because their body is now burning less calories.

2. They have NOT learnt how to make correct changes to their unhealthy food habits and therefore go back to eating foods that are NOT “weight friendly”.

3. They have NOT addressed the underlying functional health imbalances that will prevent them from maintaining their weight loss over time.

4. They have NOT pinpointed any food intolerances they may have, that can bring back the weight they lost in the form of water retention, and can even create health problems.

5. They have NOT felt good during the weight loss phase having hunger, cravings, low energy or mental fatigue which stops them from meeting their weight loss goals and therefore being disappointed and discouraged with trying to lose weight.

The only program that addresses all of these issues is the:


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It is only offered by specially trained functional healthcare practitioners who administer patients as they undergo a medically supervised program.

It all starts with patients taking a 294 questionnaire assessment at www.wico.us. This will provide a wellness Index to the patient and a more detailed status of 15 functional health conditions to the practitioner.

Thereafter, a ketogenic and elimination diet is started where the body is bio-chemically set to use excess fat for fuel, while protecting muscle mass. To ensure people feel great while on their diet, a nutritional tasty protein “shot” is consumed between meals.

Once, within a few pounds of goal weight, the questionnaire assessment is re-taken and the changes on the practitioner report will allow for nutritionally deficiencies and chronic conditions to be pinpointed so that the root cause of symptoms are addressed, and long term weight loss is achieved by correcting functional imbalances.

In this manner, people feel great with NO hunger or cravings while having great energy and positive mental state so as to stay on the program until weight loss goals are met. People lose up to 7Ibs in 7 days eating whole foods when they first start, and thereafter can lose between 1-2Ibs a week of fat losing significant amount of inches.

Most important, people learn correct food habits to support weight loss over time and healthy blood sugar. In clinical studies over ten weeks the average patient outcomes for the key health markers listed below were:

27.3 Lbs. Lost
18.6 Inches lost (7 body measurements)
30 Points Blood Pressure Reduction
20.4% Cholesterol Reduction
40% Triglycerides Reduction
41 Points Fasting Blood Sugar Reduction