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ultimate-gUltimate G – Natural Glucose Control

Our society is dealing with an epidemic of glucose control problems.

Supplementation of the diet with Ultimate-G, a natural human metabolite involved in cellular energy production, has been shown in clinical trial to reduce fasting glucose levels in diabetics to normal levels. But perhaps more importantly, oxaloacetate has also been shown in several case studies to reduce the amplitude of the glucose “swing” throughout the day– even in non-diabetic persons. Stabilizing glucose levels– removing the highs and lows, makes glucose management a much easier task, even in “normal” persons.

Ultimate G brand oxaloacetate provides glucose system support in at least three ways:

  1. Oxaloacetate supplementation acts to activate AMPK, (Williams, D, Aging Cell, 2009) which has been shown to push glucose into the skeletal muscles where it can be used. Other methods of activating AMPK include a restricted diet, chronic exercise, and the pharmaceutical Metformin.
  2. Oxaloacetate supplementation has been shown to increase the activity of the enzyme Pyruvate Dehydrogenase by up to 300% (Haas, R, J Neurochem, 1988), which allows more pyruvate to enter the citric acid cycle faster, burning the glucose that was pushed into the muscle cells. This also increases ATP production and leads to enhanced endurance (Hogan, 2010). The increase in endurance can also have a positive reinforcement effect on your ability to exercise (and is currently used by Triathletes to improve performance).
  3. Oxaloacetate supplementation has been shown to up-regulate the Foxo3a gene by 70% which deals with glucose homeostasis. Case studies show increases in glucose stability, including a 55% decrease in fasting glucose amplitude changes (Cash, A, Open Longevity Science, 2009).

As glucose regulation affects so many other body systems, oxaloacetate (Ultimate G) supplementation may provide the support needed to keep the glucose system within normal parameters.

Ultimate G brand oxaloacetate provides 100 times the normal amount of oxaloacetate that is received in a typical diet. Supplementation with this natural human metabolite provides a mechanism to positively modify enzyme response to mimic a calorie restricted metabolic state.

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