Ultimate Slim


Are You Struggling with?

• Losing Extra Pounds
• Sugar, Salt or Fat Cravings
• Never Feeling Full or Satisfied
• Over-Eating at Mealtimes
• Yo-Yo Dieting
• Difficulty Maintaining Weight
• Snacking when Bored or Stressed
• Weight-Gain from Quitting Smoking
• Changing Body-Shape with Age

If you said yes to any of these conditions, you need Ultimate Slim!

What is Ultimate Slim? – Ultimate Slim is a, first on the market, homeopathic leptin. Leptin is generally referred to as the “satiety factor” because it signals to specific cells that you are full and no longer hungry. These cells are specific in suppressing hunger urges and curbing cravings. Leptin is also involved with stimulating your metabolism and also triggering fat burning. Leptin let’s your brain know that you are full and suppresses other pathways that stimulate hunger.

How can Ultimate Slim help me? – The Leptin in Ultimate Slim can help make your weight management goals more attainable, effective and long-lasting. It works in the appetite and reward centers of your brain (the hypothalamus & hippocampus) to suppress hunger and activate the pathways that make you feel full and satisfied. Research shows that leptin helps reduce cravings for high-salt, high-sugar, high-fat, and processed foods.

What are the benefits of Leptin?- Leptin helps stimulate your metabolism and regulate fat burning (lipolytic thermogenesis). Research also shows that leptin enhances dopamine function. As a result, you gain motivation, keep your body burning fat and feel good while doing it.

Why is Leptin from Ultimate Slim Unique? – Excess weight leads to leptin resistance, which prevents balanced hunger/fullness signaling to the brain. Leptin in Ultimate Slime is uniquely formulated to signal the brain through the neural system. Finally, your body can experience leptin’s health benefits.

Caffeine & Stimulant Free
Convenient, Easy-to-Use Spray
Complements All Weight Loss Programs