Wellness Express Card

Wellness Express Card

Introduction to the Wellness Express Card

How would you like to learn how to have correct food habits to control your blood sugar, and body composition (excess fat) while having your underlying functional health imbalances corrected?

This is all possible with the Wellness Express Card. You start by completing an online WICO questionnaire that will analyze your symptoms across 15 functional health conditions. You will immediately receive your WICO Wellness Score, which like FICO for credit will establish your wellness index.

You will thereafter start a ketogenic and elimination diet eating whole foods. In one week you will lose up to 7 Ibs and will thereafter have a consultation with a specially trained healthcare practitioner who will point out functional health imbalances that may exist.

Not only will you start understanding correct food habits during that one week, but most importantly you will be able to address the root cause of your symptoms, which may be at the root of why you could not lose weight in the past or keep it off, and why you maybe becoming a type II diabetic.

The Wellness Express Card valued at $275 is available to first time patients for only $99.

• Lose up to 7Ibs in 7 days (without the need for shakes, bars or meal replacements)
• Learn how to have correct food habits to be in control of your blood sugar and body composition
• Determine functional health imbalances to address root cause of symptoms

Click below to purchase the Wellness Express Card for only $99.00. You will be contacted to be given instructions on how to access your WICO Score, where to be sent your ONE-WEEK T-360 Kit and instructions on how to use it and a time to consult with your TRANSFORMATIONS practitioner on your WICO Test results.