Diabetes Prevention Products

The optimum time to prevent Diabetes is at the Pre-Diabetes stage. Based on a double study we know this is possible. However, most people have no idea if they are Pre-Diabetic as our standard of care is to ignore Pre-Diabetes until the full blown disease sets in. This is very unfortunate as once people are Diabetic, in most instances they will live with it until they die. Furthermore, the standard of care for Diabetes is to prescribe medication that will not stop the progression or complications of Diabetes for most people.

It is easy to determine the likelihood of one being a Diabetic which is having a blood sugar reading between 100 and 125 mg/dl in the fasting (i.e. no food for 10-12 hours) state. Similarly, a hemoglobin A1c  (HbA1c) test can also be used that monitors blood sugar levels over longer periods of time. An HbA1c test greater than 6-6.5% is a good indicator of Pre-Diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association 1 in 4 Americans are either Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic! Unfortunately, it is estimated that up to 50% of these people do not know they have the condition.

The reasons why people become a Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic usually has to do with:

  1. Unhealthy food habits
  2. Excessive abdominal weight and body composition
  3. Digestion and nutritional deficiencies
  4. Lack of exercise

To correct unhealthy elevated blood sugar people should take their WICO® Wellness Score and have a specially trained healthcare practitioner evaluate their 15 health markers and what could be underlying their condition. By implementing the Ultra Lite Program excessive abdominal fat, unhealthy body composition, unhealthy food habits, and nutritional deficiencies can be corrected.


Clinical research has definitively shown that type 2 Diabetes can be prevented by lifestyle changes, including small reductions in weight (< 10% in many cases!). Physical activity (recommendation of 150 minutes per week), and making dietary choices can prevent Pre-Diabetes from becoming type 2 Diabetes. For those who are already a Diabetic or advanced Pre-Diabetes, supplementation that addresses some of the core reasons as to why they became a Diabetic in the first place can also help. This becomes especially important if unhealthy food habits are not drastically altered.

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