uliteThe U-Lite Program works like this: People eat according to a meal plan that puts their body into a biochemical state to burn excess fat especially abdominal fat, while not having any hunger. In between meals a nutritional snack is taken to prevent any cravings as people will be on an elimination diet.

There will be one program for men and a different one for women as men get to eat a little more than women. Here is an example of one day’s meal plans.

Seven different meal plans are provided so that there are 7 suggested breakfasts, lunches and dinners and in this way people do not get bored with what they eat.

If the suggested protein or carbohydrate for breakfast, lunch or dinner is not acceptable, a simple way of a substituting the protein or carb for an alternative one is provided in the manual.

A 4 page symptoms questionnaire is completed before this eating plan is started and the same questionnaire is completed at the end of 3 weeks.

This questionnaire will determine how sever, moderate or mild 14 health conditions are. Any one of these 14 health conditions can affect your ability to keep your weight off over time.

The challenge is to know the root cause of these symptoms, if they are to be corrected, as the root cause could be due to:

Once you eat as recommended in U-Lite and lose excess fat, the changes in the responses to the same questionnaire 3 weeks later can give great insight into the root cause of your symptoms and an understanding of what needs to be corrected that could stop you from succeeding with weight loss over time.

All of this can be accomplished in a 30 minute visit at the end of 3 weeks with your U-Lite practitioner where you will be given an action plan to address all remaining issues.