Ultralite Frequently Asked Questions

Ultra Lite – Frequently Asked Questions

If I lose weight quickly will I just put it all back on?

No. On Ultra Lite you are given the necessary tools/education that you require to maintain your weight for life. You are taught about food groups and portion sizes that the body actually requires. If you put weight back on it is because you have chosen to not follow the principles any longer.

Is it safe to lose weight quickly?

Your metabolism will control the rate of your weight loss and will not let you lose more than what you can handle.

What is in the packets and do I really need to take them?

The packet contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids (protein). Each sachet is approximately equivalent to a glass of whole milk without the fat and lactose content. They are there to maintain blood sugar levels and alleviate cravings.

I have allergies; will I be able to take the packets?

Yes you can. You will need to discuss your particular concerns with your consultant.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?

There are health insurance programs that you can claim with. Ask your practitioner and/or your health insurance program for further information.

Is this a high protein, low carb program?

No! The program consists of a balanced amount of protein and carbohydrates. The protein recommended is in line with the World Health Organization guidelines.

I have a family; will it be difficult to do this program?

No! This program is very easy to manage if you cook for a family. You don’t have to cook separate meals and your family will benefit from a healthier eating plan.

Will I be hungry?

No. You should not be hungry if you follow the program correctly.

I have heard this program puts you in ketosis. Isn’t this dangerous?

On the Ultra Lite program the body is placed into a state of dietary ketosis. This is a totally natural, totally safe and effective method of losing weight. When the body is in ketosis, you will not feel hungry. People often confuse ketosis with another term “ketoacidosis” which is a life threatening condition for a diabetic.

I am diabetic. Is this safe for me?

This program is completely safe for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics. However there are a few things that your consultant will advise you to do differently so you must discuss this with your practitioner at the beginning of your program.

Is this a meal replacement program?

No it is not. Our eating plan involves foods from all five food groups and a nutritional supplement that is designed to provide a person with all of the vitamins and minerals that they need to help balance blood sugar levels. We DO NOT endorse the use of meal replacements.

I am on a lot of medication. Is this safe?

Ultra Lite is a very safe program and a lot of our clients are on either prescription drugs, over the counter pills and/or “alternative” therapies. 99% of the time there will be no interaction, however, you must inform your consultant of all the medication you are taking and they can further advise you from here.

I am breastfeeding. Can I still do Ultra Lite?

It is always best to speak to your practitioner first before you start the program. Any change of diet may reduce the quality and/or quantity of your breast milk. However if the baby is on solid foods already, then embarking on Ultra Lite will cause no ill effects to the baby.

What happens when I lose the weight? Is there a maintenance program?

Absolutely! Once you have reached your goal weight the consultant should suggest to you the importance of a well balanced maintenance program. We suggest that this then becomes your lifelong eating plan for you to understand how to manage your weight for the rest of your life. To optimize your results, we recommend that you continue to take packets for the first five weeks of your maintenance program.

I only need to lose a couple of pounds. Is there a program for me?

Yes, we have the 3 Week Detox and Weight Loss Program. This has been designed for people who only need to lose less than 10 pounds. This involves a set menu for 3 weeks and is a great detox for the whole body.

Can I still have alcohol?

No. Alcohol has a very high carbohydrate value and any intake at all will be detrimental to your weight loss results.

Can I still go out for dinner?

Absolutely! You do not have to curtail your social calendar. There is always something to order from a restaurant that will not interfere with the Ultra Lite program. For example, steak/chicken/ fish combined with vegetables or salad but be wary of dressings and sauces. Always ask for yours to be prepared without any. Definitely no potatoes or fries!

Will I have to exercise?

As part of a “balanced” lifestyle change exercise is recommended and it will help for the weight loss to be quicker.