ultraliteThe hallmark of the Ultra Lite Program is simplicity of implementation. This is why healthcare practitioners have been successful implementing it in their offices, and why compliance by patients is so high.

Furthermore, it is all accomplished by having people eat wholesome foods without the need for shakes, bars and supplements. The body’s own biochemistry is used to burn excess fat while protecting muscle mass. This is accomplished by eating the correct balance of carbohydrates and protein every day and a daily test is taken with first morning urine to ensure the body is in a bio-chemical state to burn fat.

A simple formula is given on how many grams of carbohydrates and protein portions can be eaten, and with the 4 page food list it becomes very easy to plan meals to set the body to burn its excess fat.

The only constraints are to not exceed the maximum number of grams of carbohydrates for the day, and number of protein portions, and a breakfast, lunch and dinner is consumed daily.

In conjunction with combining proteins and carbohydrates in the right ratios, people also take a nutritional snack between meals, 4x a day. This is not a meal replacement but just 10 grams of a powder with 2-3 oz of water (hot or cold).

The snacks are not suppressant or stimulants, they simply contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are very bio-available, and their purpose is to ensure:

Stabilized blood sugar throughout the day.
Basic nutrient support for the body.
Help with cravings at specific times of the day.

There are 10 flavors, so people find what they enjoy and look forward to taking them, as they are very tasty and satisfying. In this two-step approach: getting to a mild state of ketosis, and taking the nutritional packets, the typical weight loss problems of hunger, cravings, lack of energy, or bad mood are not experienced, and people can lose up to 18 to 22 pounds every 5 weeks. (Men usually are on the higher side).

Once patients achieve ideal weight status they are taken off the ketogenic state, where they are burning fat for fuel, and started on the maintenance phase where health conditions that can stop weight loss success over time are addressed.

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